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"Kimono" Series

The series documents an ongoing response to a  T shape, which was cut out of an old etched copper plate. This shape elicited a double reading – both as a simple geometric form and as a kimono (the Japanese word for 'garment'). It was this double reading that directed choices regarding materials and techniques which included etching, drypoint, aquatint, sugarlift and chine collèe. By folding the rice paper and adding watercolour, both transparency and texture could be achieved on the white printing paper after being passed through the press together with the copper plate.
Sizes: 29X38cm & 56X37.5cm

"Chairs" Series

Taking the image of a chair - pushing it towards abstraction - transforming the lines and curves into a calligraphy by means of a variety of etching techniques. (etching, drypoint, aquatint , sugarlift).


Etching aquatint, cut aluminium, embossed rice , chine-collee.

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